We do not sell directly to private customers. However, you can write to us at info@ar-shelving.com indicating what you need and the postcode of your country. You will receive a reply as soon as possible from our sales department. They will indicate the closest distributor to you, where you will be able to acquire the products you are interested in.
We do not sell directly to private customers. However, you can write to us at info@ar-shelving.com


We do not sell to private customers, although we can inform you where to get our products. We are manufacturers of metal shelving and we sell them in more than 40 countries through our distributors. So, if you want to know which is the closest distributor to you, send us an email to info@ar-shelving.com explaining which product you need indicating the post code of your country. You will receive a reply as soon as possible, where we will tell you the different distributors where you can buy our products.


Of course we do! You can have a look at our interactive catalogue clicking on the following link: Our Catalogue .
We also have a PDF version which you can request by sending an email to info@ar-shelving.com.


Please contact our sales department indicating what you need by sending an email to info@ar-shelving.com. Our colleagues will provide you with the best solution for each case.


In the Product section of our website, Metal Shelves you can download the assembly instructions for all our shelves, as well as the link to the assembly videos.
You can also visit our YouTube channel AR Storage , where you will find assembly videos of our products. If you have any questions, you can always send us an email to info@ar-shelving.com.


No, as manufacturers, we do not sell to the end customer.
Nevertheless, we have several distributors who offer online shopping for our products. If you send us the postcode of your city to info@ar-shelving.com we will inform you about your closest distributor.

Our Garage 45 Series range. Most of the metal shelving we manufacture is perfect for this purpose, but as experts in storage and organisation, we recommend this garage-specific option. What's special about this range? It's combinable. It consists of our Corner Rivet corner shelving and Rivet Stabil shelving. As well as providing an easy, screw-free assembly, it allows you to make the most of the corners of your garage.

Yes, this is one of the most outstanding qualities of AR Shelving products. All our metal shelving is resistant to humidity and corrosion. Both the galvanised and painted finishes offer great durability in the most humid environments.

Yes! Our metal shelving is completely safe to use, both in terms of stability and assembly. The components of our shelves are profiled and bent at the edges, avoiding any kind of cuts. In addition, we achieve the maximum robustness and stability of all our products by means of an innovative design. All of this with the aim of providing the consumer with the greatest possible durability.

It depends on the personal preferences and the use of the shelving. We offer a wide selection of shelves: The most decorative ones have a mounting system with flat and discreet screws. Among them we can find the Office Easy, which is perfect for offices and workplaces, for example. We also have more classic metal shelving, which is assembled with screws and nuts. These are available as a kit or as individual components (Modular System). They are suitable for those who need a customised shelving complex to be placed in attics or storage rooms, among others. Finally, we offer a large selection of boltless shelving. The most outstanding under the AR Shelving brand are the Rivet, characterised by an easy and quick assembly by means of bolts. Unlike the previous ones, these are very suitable for garages and more professional uses.

It depends on the use you want to give to the shelves. Each option has its benefits. On the one hand, metal shelving with wooden shelves is perfect for storing almost all kinds of objects, from decorative items to boxes. In our case, all AR Shelving shelves of this range have HDF fibreboards that are resistant to humidity, which allow an easy cleaning and maintenance. On the other hand, shelves with metal grids are more suitable for the storage of oily and wet products, liquids or lubricants. Our Wire Rivet shelving has a 100% galvanised metal grid, highly resistant to humidity and corrosion. This type of shelving is perfect for outdoor storage in coastal areas or greenhouses. In addition, it is worth mentioning that they are compatible with fire protection systems, as they allow the flow of water to the different levels of the rack.

Modular shelving is a storage system that is fully adaptable to the needs of each user. It is a product that stands out for its functionality. It allows the selection of height, width and length according to personal preferences. AR Shelving offers this model under the name Versatile with different assembly and finishing alternatives.

Yes, although it is not necessary as long as the load capacity and design of the shelving is respected. In any case, the manufacturer's recommendations should be followed. Of course, making good use of the shelving is essential, avoiding bad practices such as climbing on the shelves to reach the objects stored at the top, for example.

It depends on the type of shelving. Its materials, size and design are decisive in determining the maximum load it can support. At AR Shelving we offer different types of metal shelving, from the simplest ones that support 40kg per shelf to the most professional of our industrial range, which can support 800kg per level. For example, our Stabil Rivet shelving with measurements 180x100x50cm and 5 levels, supports 300kg per shelf, which means that the whole shelving system can support up to 1.500kg.